How to Hold a Pencil is a side project developed, and recorded by Reuben Ingber from the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


How to Hold a Pencil is an interview show with self-taught designers and developers. Its purpose is to inspire and empower individuals who are already learning to make things and to help others get off the sidelines.

The stories are meant to help people find and explore different paths towards education, in the hopes that more people will take the bull by the horns and go out make something.

The Show

The show is recorded with guests from all over the world via Skype. Reuben uses a BlueYeti microphone and a MacBook Air.

The episodes are hosted by SimpleCast. The site is handcoded with love, powered by SiteLeaf and hosted by MediaTemple.

The Host

Reuben is a self taught front-end developer living and working in New York City. After college, he started working for an adovcacy organization while the work was important and meaningful Reuben sought work that filled his creative spirit. Reuben started learning to code using Treehouse and Skillshare, while learning he launched OneRead.co (No longer being published). An email newsletter he used to learn email development.

Today he lives in Manhattan builds websites full time at ExpandTheRoom, blogs occasionally, tweets regularly, records this podcast, and is generally a happy person. In his spare time he runs, reads, and spends time with his fiance.

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